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Transforming Shipper Pricing Agreements – Shipper favored T&C

Carriers construct agreements that generate revenue and reduce accountability; CPC works to reverse it to benefit the shippers’ bottom line.

Procurement Events: Partner Selection process/ Reverse Auction

CPC performs several dozen RFPs a year incorporating individual client details with proprietary forms and vendor questionnaires along with a unique bid process to ensure complete answers and quality at a reasonable price

Mode optimization (ship the correct mode – FTL, LTL, Parcel, Ocean, International Air)

Are you shipping heavy weight packages using parcel or shipping half empty full truck loads? CPC can analyze how you ship and determine the most appropriate way for your customers to receive your products when they need it. Best of all, we help you to implement the solution and track the results!

Dimensionalization factor assessment and contract mitigation

Is your carrier charging you 10lbs for an item you shipped that actually weighs 5lbs?

YOY General rate Increase analysis and Guidance

Carriers increase their rates every year in ways that make it hard to understand how the new rates will impact your business. CPC re-rates your shipping activity to clearly show you how your bill will change and if your rate cap has been violated. Don’t have a rate cap? Call us today to find out how you can get one!

Transportation thought leadership (access to an expert on a retainer basis)

Our client’s don’t have time to create and approve a PO to get good advice, that is why CPC has numerous clients who just keep us on retainer! We only bill you for work done and it saves you time and money.

Custom Clearance for import and export globally

Denied parties list, classifications, foreign trade zones. Trade Compliance tools that facilitate smooth transborder transactions 

Routing guide creation Freight optimization

CPC can create the tool necessary to route shipments optimally and support savings objectives.

Initiative Savings Tracking

How is your project going? If you had to hesitate answering that question, hire CPC to track your initiatives. We do the work, you get the credit!

Vendor Routing Guide Compliance

CPC can create the routing guide and we have proprietary reporting to punish vendors for not using the correct carrier; let you know how well you are progressing along with the cost of non-compliance!

Dedicated carriage versus Common Carrier

Identification of shipments that benefit from multi-stop Full truck load versus hand-off to LTL Common Carrier

Distribution network configuration – network design and cost analysis

Is ten distribution centers too much or could you service your customers with three? Where is the best location for my distribution center? If you have asked any of these questions contact CPC today to take advantage of a new tool which allows clients to re-rate their activity and quickly calculate potential costs or savings with proposed moves.

Supply Chain


Demand Planning and Forecasting

CPC has forecasted numerous widgets and gadgets from many different industries and for companies of all sizes. In addition, we have a process to measure the accuracy of the forecast and will work toward improving the accuracy of each iteration.

Cost Reduction

Transportation, Warehouse Utilization, Automation, Intelligent Partner Integration. Planning is the key to reduced shipping costs & service improvements. CPC tailors a cost reduction approach for each client based on factors such as carriers capacity, regulatory issues that impact insurance requirements, load volumes, spot trucking rates, seasonality  considerations.

Time studies, warehouse design, layout and optimization

If you have to ship it then it most cases you have to store it! Allow CPC’s team of Six Sigma Black Belts and engineers help you design the storage facility and process for your business and watch your efficiency increase!

Business Process Re-engineering

Reverse Logistics (Liquidations, Refurbishing, Same Unit Repairs, Inside Warranty, Outside Warranty), Forward Logistics (Direct Ship, 3PL, Routing Compliance), E-Business (Partner Integration) EDI, XML and Webservices

Reverse Logistics

Returns can be costly and CPC has worked with many clients to reduce the cost of returning goods, improve the time it takes to make reusable goods available, and to capitalize on disposing the goods which are no longer serviceable.

Lean Manufacturing Best Practices

Outsource Non Value Added Service – Freight Payment, Global Compliance, Fabrication, Contract Manufacturing

Business Intelligence

Informatics ®, IBM COGNOS ®, SQL

Program and Project Management

CPC has trained members of the Project Management Institute and certified Project Management Professionals™ to assist you with any operations efforts

Strategic Sourcing

Selection process, Contracting, Metrics


ERP Deployments

Oracle, Siebel, JD Edwards

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