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FedEx One Rate Shipping Revisited

FedEx One Rate Shipping Revisited

Posted: July 8, 2020 |

CPC Consultants prides ourselves on being carrier agnostic and seeks solutions that benefit the shipper. Having said that, here is an option by one carrier, FedEx, on their One Rate Shipping solution, which we would like to highlight for you.

FedEx’s One Rate Shipping is touted as an alternative to its other shipping options. One Rate Shipping offers a flat-rate pricing option. The option is available for FedEx Express US Shipments in FedEx Express Packaging. For one to qualify for this shipping, the envelopes should be under 10 lbs. In the case of packages, the limit is 50 lbs. FedEx says it does not charge for packaging if one uses FedEx Express Services for shipping. The company offers 12 flat-rate boxes to ship items.

The items one wants to ship must be compatible with the boxes. According to FedEx, one can send a standard file for as low as $8.50. Sending a board game or a soccer ball will cost you $19.05. FedEx offers a tube box for customers to send items like golf clubs. For example, sending a golf club or a poster would cost you at least $30.85. FedEx says it may make changes to the charges if the content’s shape changes during shipment.

The rates are inclusive of area, fuel, and residential surcharges. FedEx ships the items under One Rate Shipping to three different zones. They are Local, Regional, and National.

A destination that is 0-150 miles away from the origin falls under Local Zone. Destinations with a distance of 151-600 miles come under the Regional Zone. Shipments that move 601 miles or more in the contiguous US come under the National Zone category. FedEx also brought Alaska and Hawaii under the third category. 

One cannot send items within Hawaii using FedEx One Rate Pricing. But Alaska qualifies for intra-region shipments. According to FedEx, all One Rate Pricing shipments come under the money-back guarantee. Customers can either schedule a pick up or drop off the content at one of the 57,000 locations across the US.

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Advantages of FedEx

Flat Rate Option

Compared to FedEx’s other shipping options, One Rate Pricing offers a flat rate option. The pricing is simple and pretty straightforward for express packages.

Designed for Small Businesses

FedEx says the option is ideal for new businesses as they can restrict shipping expenses. One of the main advantages FedEx gives to its customers is the packaging options. FedEx offers many packaging options. It includes Standard/reusable envelope, padded/reusable sturdy/padded pack, and tube. From a file to a coffee mug, a pair of t-shirts to two pairs of shoes, one can send a range of daily household items.

Time-Definite Deliveries

As deliveries are time-definite, one can expect items delivered at a place within time. The One Rate Pricing comes with a few value-added services included. Tracking, money-back guarantee, and no extra charge for declared value of up to $100 are some of the perks. 


FedEx allows its customers to drop off shipments at around 36,500 drop box locations. To ship online, customers need not have a FedEx account. They can access FedEx Ship Manager Lite via the web or mobile app. If the items are less than 50 lbs, there is no need for weighing or measuring.

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Disadvantages of FedEx One Rate

Weight Limit

The weight limits of 10 lbs for envelopes and 50 lbs did not align with a section of customers. The defined zones make customers pay more even if the destination is a couple of miles away from a zone’s limit.

Limited Options

Some customers do not like the idea of the predetermined size of the boxes. They feel that some items may exceed the box’s size but be well within the weight limit.

Ineligible for Contract Discounts

They promote One Rate Pricing as an alternative for FedEx’s other shipping options. Hence, it is not eligible for contract discounts.

How to Save Money With FedEx Flat Rate Shipping?

Understanding the features of a shipping option is very important to make use of it. Compared with other shipping options, One Rate Shipping is a curated, ready-made solution. It is simple and easy to understand.

Exploit the 50-lbs feature

As weighing is no longer required if the item is less than 50 lbs, one can save time in weighing the products. It will come in handy for small businesses that ship products to their customers. Such companies can make use of the 50-lbs aspect and add items to the box without adding to the price.

Go for the 3-day delivery option

‘Express Saver,’ as the name suggests, saves your money. Assume that a company wants to send toasters to 10 customers. FedEx Extra Large Box is the ideal one to pack a toaster. Sending the toasters under FedEx First Overnight (delivery by next day 8.30 am) will cost the company $1,019. Whereas, it will only cost $308 if it goes for the ‘Express Saver’ option.

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FedEx Shipment Packaging Tips

Use the Right Packaging Material

Choose the packaging material based on the item you are going to ship. If you want to ship a wine bottle in summer, it is advisable to use an insulated box. Molded pulp and die-cut corrugated packaging are some of the other options.


If the item is sensitive to vibration and shakes, cushioning is necessary. Crumpled newspapers, packing peanuts are ideal for cushioning.

Directional Arrows

Directional Arrows are a must if you are shipping a fragile item. Besides, a shipping label atop the box will ensure incorrect shipment orientation.

Special Items

Good care is necessary to ship special items. Send string instruments like a guitar only after loosening the strings. In case of a glass framed artwork, apply painter’s tape in a criss-cross pattern on the glass. It is to prevent the glass from splintering. For irregularly-shaped items, wrapping and taping of sharp edges are compulsory. For delicate items like orchids, boxes that have a corrugated divider are ideal.

Electronic Devices

While shipping electronic goods such as TV sets, it is advisable to remove the base. Keep the screen facing down to avoid damages. Apart from the original manufacturer’s cushioning, use loose-fill peanuts for extra protection. Bubble Wrap is also a good choice for cushioning.


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